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Flying High Flying High

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This is may personal impression. This is just noise!

Hammi responds:

So youre saying that my track is cheap, just because i voted 2 and said that your flash game had a cheap idea? Well excuse me but as you can see, ive only made 3 tracks and im still learning and improvising making audio tracks. I make my own music with my own style. I agree that i shouldve edited more in this one. As soon as im gettin better, i will bust out with some more improved tracks! What i said about your game, was that you shouldve started out with something different. I understand if its your first flash. But i expected something new than a couple of adjustments when i saw your flash, named GOLDMINER. Even if its your own artwork... you shouldve brought something fresh or someting in a remake. OR, you shouldve notified us in your comment bar that this is a remake. I wouldve understand then. I thought that you just took that idea and made it look like it was THE ultimate or something.

You think this is noisy? Well, its drum n bass, what did you expect? (More improved stuff will come, this is just the beginning)